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Originally Posted by Dirty Harry Callahan View Post
The short and final answer here is that .38 S&W is slightly larger in diameter to .38 Special/.357 Magnum, ergo it most likely won't fit in the cylinder.

That being said, if you really want to be able to fire obsolete cartridges like .38 S&W out of your .38 Special/.357 Magnum Revolvers,........
Obviously you did not read either my post or that of FlyFish! In my case ca 50% of my revolvers in .38/.357 WILL chamber .38 S&W. In FlyFish's case he determined that 100% of his .38/.357 revolvers would accept .38 S&W cartridges. And here you are still insisting that it cannot work because the nominal dimensions appear that it shouldn't! Well in 23 or 24 of 29 revolvers that FlyFish and I tried it in 82% of the time it worked!!!! That translates to most likely WILL fit, not won't Nominal dimensions don't mean anything!

For the record my comment about "new factory .38 S&W" referred to un-fired factory load, not recent production. One of the cartridges I tried, and that would fit, was an old UMC from at least the 1930s that is in my collection. So much for the assertion that it worked because "modern cartridges are smaller".

two-bit cowboy,

The question was will a .38 S&W fit in a .38 Spl. or .357 Magnum chamber! It was not will a .38/.357 fit in a .38 S&W! Just what is it that you believe your photo is demonstrating? The question is diameter, not chamber depth.
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