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Nice looking revolver. Looks like a 38 double action second model made from 1880 to 1884 with a serial range from about 3,700 to about 119,000.

Looks like the serial numbers match on the bottom of the frame and the cylinder. Do the serial numbers match on the bottom of the latch and on the barrel?

The star after the serial number on the bottom of the gun usually means the gun was sent back to the factory for work or a refinish. It looks like yours was refinished. There should be some numbers under the left grip on the frame that gives the date the gun was worked on by the factory. If you haven't removed the grips yet be careful removing them. There is a pin at the bottom of the frame that engages in the grips on both sides and if you pry the grips off you can break them.

The factory also wrote in pencil or scratched the serial number on the inside of the right grip. The serial number may not be there since blued guns made about this time usually came with red and black mottled grips.

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