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Default Modern 30 carbine ball?

Being in a ban state, but still wanting to play with a carbine, I have been thinking of the m1 carbine route. Which got me thinking about two issues.

1- I'm used to a match rifle, so the 4 MOA that I get out of a M1 carbine isn't the most fun. So goal 1 is going to be working up a more accurate load. Which who knows maybe a new criterion barrel is in my future.

2- An expanding ball that could be used for game/Home defense. This goal is more towards why I am writing this post.

Who makes modern ball for the M1 carbine? Gold dots seem to be hard to find, Hornady has the crit defense. But neither of them are offered just ball.

Remington JSP is the old standby but can hard to find. However it does feed 100%

I tried the older Hornady XTP, which had great expansion but terrible feeding.

MAC showed some great slow motion footage of the Leigh cavitator that looks promising, I might pick up a box and load some up to see if they feed.

GT bullets offers a lead HP that I might try. Maybe I can get expansion without leading.

Are there other options that people are using in their carbines that feed well and offer more than the standard FMJ?
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