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Default Is HS-6 too "fine" for my auto-disc?

I do all my reloading on a turret press and have been relying on a Lee PRO auto-disc powder dropper. It's always dead on with my usual ball powders including titegroup, w231, longshot, and Universal. However, it's all over the place with H110 that's listed a ball powder but it's so fine compared to the others mentioned that it looks like flour. I'm about out of Longshot and thought I'd try HS-6 which I can get locally (nobody has longshot). The description on the Hodgdon website calls it a "fine spherical powder". If I buy it and it doesn't meter well on my auto-disc it'll just end up sitting around forever. Anyone here use it with an auto-disc. How fine is it compared to any of the other powders I mentioned?
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