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Originally Posted by gwpercle View Post
I sat down and tried to chamber a 38 S&W into three different 38 specials . A Colt Police Positive Special , S&W J Frame and S&W K frame and also a Ruger Blackhawk 357 magnum.
The 38 S&W would not chamber in any of them, the case is too large.
The 38 S&W ammo is factory Winchester 145 gr. lead RN, not reloads.

If your 38 special/357magnum will chamber 38 S&W something's wrong, check to see if the pistol was rechambered from 38 S&W.
Gary, if you didn't or haven't, try several different rounds and see if the case sizes vary. Some may work.

Because of this thread I just tried it in 10 S&W revolvers, older and newer, and found that the only box of current factory Remington .38 S&W I have varies in case diameter. A few fit, but most don't. So I guess it's possible it depends on the size of the cases.

I would have never known or even thought about it if it wasn't for this thread.

Not trying to take sides, just posting what I found out about the one box of Remington .38 S&W I have and that the case sizes vary in it, but Winchester may be more consistent than Remington with their case sizes though.

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