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Default 327PC 2" Humbled at the Range

Took the 327PC 2" to the range for the first 100rds through it. The 7yd range wasn't available so I ventured to the 25yd range. Yikes. I couldn't hit a dadgum thing at 25yds. It was utterly embarrassing to put 100rds down range and only put a handful on paper. I'm no Jerry Miculek for sure- but I didn't expect to be that bad. I know the 327PC is not meant to be a range gun but anyone else experience this? I have to blame myself as a new revolver shooter but never in my life have I totally missed target so many times. Is there any history or accuracy issues out of the box with this gun that Smith would fix? The trigger is really sweet so it can't be a trigger issue. Looking for answers beyond "I stink". I was shooting Remington 130gr which isn't know to be great ammo but I had no issues with strikes, misfires, etc. Any thoughts beyond practice, pratice, practice? I don't even know where to hold to get the gun on target?
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