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Originally Posted by 1sailor View Post
It's also a really good idea to try shooting from a rest if it's available. That really helps to show whether it's you or the gun. I've seen a lot of guys printing really low and swearing they were on target when they pulled the trigger. Almost to a man they were rushing forward in anticipation as they pulled the trigger which forced the barrel down slightly. Shooting from a rest they generally put them at least in some sort of group on the paper. As mentioned 25 yards the first time out can be daunting. Interesting choice for your first revolver.
I bought a 28-2, M&P340, and 327PC 2" all within the week so technically I have three new revolvers. All three VERY different- but I'm strange that way. I'm a big dude so the N Frame is no issue for me. They had a wooden rest contraption at the range and I tried to use it but there isn't a lot of space to rest this 2". When I did rest it I still wasn't on paper. I definitely need to move closer to practice.
Is there a rest that the group here recommends that would fit this 2"? I've always wanted to use a rest to test my guns but I've never really researched. Thanks
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