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Originally Posted by hoghunter View Post
I bought a 28-2, M&P340, and 327PC 2" all within the week so technically I have three new revolvers. All three VERY different- but I'm strange that way. I'm a big dude so the N Frame is no issue for me. They had a wooden rest contraption at the range and I tried to use it but there isn't a lot of space to rest this 2". When I did rest it I still wasn't on paper. I definitely need to move closer to practice.
Is there a rest that the group here recommends that would fit this 2"? I've always wanted to use a rest to test my guns but I've never really researched. Thanks
Iíve got a couple more thoughts since my post above.
First the double action trigger pull on the 327 PC is delightful, probably the best of all my revolvers, due to Ti cylinder.
Next, I donít know how much revolver shooting experience you have but I would recommend you get good with the Model 28 first since that is a more reasonable revolver to learn with. Then get good with the 327PC and then with the M&P 340. Youíll have a much happier experience that way.
Finally, I donít work for the company but maybe I sound like it but I really like Pachmayr Diamond Pro grips and I bet they will work good on your guns.
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