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To answer a few questions:

Its a national postal meter carbine, with USGI mags

I can live with 4 MOA if I cannot make a better load for it, but I do want to see if I can squeeze a little more accuracy out of a hand load. Since ARs are out for me. I wanted to do 3 gun for fun at local clubs but the safe acct dropped the ban hammer on those events. So instead of thinking ARs, I want to dust off the old little M1 and I would love to take a carbine course with the little guy.

And for defensive loads/ball, its a handy gun and one that the fiance can handle without issue. So I would like to set up a decent load for her so she has a go-to house gun if need be. Since I have a small homestead, most house/carry guns are called into service to shoot something trying to eat a chicken, or raid the garden. =P

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