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Originally Posted by dr. K View Post
I think the “old” bodyguards are neat little revolvers. I actually even like the way they look. I don’t have one, but for those who do, does lint get trapped in the shroud and, if so, any evidence of it working it’s way into the internals?
There are all kind of internet stories of lint getting in the action and freezing up a humpback and coins getting behind the hammer slot and locking it up. One thing is positive - those telling those stories have never owned and carried a humpback.
How can lint get in the action? Does lint get in any other revolver design? There's no more way lint can get in the action of a humpback than any other gun.
And no, coins won't wedge in behind the hammer.
I've been carrying humpbacks since 1975 when I bought my first 49 as my 2nd, backup, undercover gun. I carried it everyday, all day mostly in an ankle rig until 1995 when I bought a 649. I've carried both/either of those guns in places on my body most will never carry them. How many have ever duct taped a gun in the crack of your behind? In an ankle rig those guns have been carried thru mud, snow, slush, dirt, and dust. I don't mean carried when those are on the ground. I mean where the guns were actually covered in that stuff. For example I was on a manhunt where we pursued the guy thru muddy fields and down a creek. My 49 was on my ankle as I waded waste deep down the muddy creek. It was caked with mud as was most of my other gear. Hosed it off when I got home and then fired it to see if it and the ammo would work. Not a problem. They keep working.
As far as the SA ability. If you carry any gun with an exposed hammer do you always have to use the SA function? Of course not. For those that discount SA you all do realize you DO NOT have to use the SA if you don't want to? People who discount it make it sounds like they have to use the SA.
The people who talk ill of the humpback have a vivid imagination and have never owned one.
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