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For me, it's the Shield hands down. I have the 2.0C, but it's for home defense. I use the Shield-9 when I carry. The grip texture on the 2.0 is great for the range. No tenderness after 500 rounds per session, with a couple thousand so far. It's just fine, but not for carry. It's the clothing lifting on the grip issue. It happens.

The Shield is a masterpiece for concealed carry. Draws and rotates into battery very fast because of the short barrel, is reasonably accurate, and is undeniably reliable. It also lends itself well to instinctive point shooting at very close range - under 10 ft. People are far more likely to have a shooting take place closer rather than farther. A short, difficult to grab barrel matters. The Shield has no tactical rail to give a close adversary a handhold. I ground off the rail on my 2.0 first thing.

I love both the 2.0 and the Shield, but it's the snubby that goes with me when I pack.

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