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Originally Posted by md66948 View Post
This is a Great Thread for me, Thank You!

I reload and I am planning to purchase a S&W 460 pistol in the very near future for hunting PA Deer and out of state hogs.

I just need to decide on the barrel length that I want on my S&W 460 pistol purchase.

Thank You and Have a Great Day!

I really wanted the 7.5" barrel performance center but I found a great deal on a performance center 10.5" barrel. I will say that I'm happy with the long barrel as the weight plus the compensator reduce recoil rather dramatically, it's a lot to hold up and shoot off hand for more than a few rounds unless you have popeye arms. If you think you'll do more bench or "nook of tree" type shooting than off hand, you might consider the longer barrel. Otherwise go with the shorter version (but not the 4-6" as muzzle flip is huge).
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