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Originally Posted by dingode View Post
First class shipping is now $3 for my items. My order has been placed! I hope the original shipping cost was just a website glitch. The new shipping prices are awesome cool, thank you tacticool!
I hope it was a glitch too as I will in the future some time get some from them but in the mean time I found out from Brownells tech's the M22a spring measurements are .825 in length and 0.105 diameter and my 15-22 spring measures 0.827 and 0.108.

I did an order with Brownells for spare parts for my other rifles so I added in the M22a plunger + spring (on back-order go figure) to test/measure. As I was getting free shipping and only cost $5 for both parts. If it takes too longfor the BO I may cancel the spring and get them from for spares.

I'll let you all know once I get my parts what I find out.
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