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Welcome to the forum.

Just to explain for those that don't know, engraving is the art of using a tool to actually carve the design on the item. Etching is when the object is covered with wax and the wax is removed using a needle or similar tool. The item then has acid applied and where the wax has been removed, the metal will be etched in the same pattern. Slightly different procedures but both done by hand and both requiring way more talent than I possess.

A history letter may or may not tell you that the work was done at the factory but will detail the original configuration when shipped, the date of shipment, the shipping destination and typically a little history on the model of gun.

Considering that this requires pulling the original factory invoice and placing all of the information into a history letter, to me at $75 it is still a bargain. Hell, my car mechanic gets $95 an hour and my plumber gets $130.

Besides you may just get lucky and find that it was factory work, thus raising the value of the gun quite a bit.
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