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Default J.F.K.'s Chief Special Presentation piece

It has been about 30 years since I was shown a engraved Chief's Special, gold inlaid with the Presidential Seal, however, I cannot accurately recall whether his entire name was engraved in the gun or just his initials "J.F.K." As Chief's Special does not lend kindly to elaborate or large inlays because of the limited areas that could be artistically enhanced, and, the Presidential Seal encompassed most of the clean area on the sideplate, it likely just had his initials. It was in an elaborate presentation case very similar of a craftsman like Marvin Huey (who I had not yet met at that time).

It was shown to me by a dealer and author to many gun publications, Ron Ogan (RIP), at his house, by special invite.

This was approximately 1988. At that time, he offered it to me for $25,000.00 which was an extremely large sum of money then but a pittance for it today. In this same time frame the nicest RM you could find wouldn't cost you much more than $1,000.00, if that much and about that same amount for the nicest Schofield you could find.

It was not the $25K that scared me, it was that I had no possible way to authenticate the piece, not yet knowing about Roy Jinks' factory records nor the S&W Collectors Assn. And remember, NO INTERNET BACK THEN.

The "story" went that it was a Presentation piece made for J.F.K. (not knowing whether from S&W or someone else to J.F.K) and that it either had actually "been" presented to him, or was "intended to be presented" to him just prior to his assassination.

I have searched, re-searched and inquired over the years to determine:
1. who owns in now ?
2. was it "truly" (and would it letter) as a presentation piece for J.F.K.

I cannot find "it", nor any mention of it ... ANYWHERE !!

I don't know if it was "real" or a showpiece made after his death as a Homage to J.F.K. but I can say it was stunning.

Anyone out there know more about this piece ?
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