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Default M & P Shied 45 - a question

I put off getting a 45 for a year and had pretty much settled on a M & P Shield. Today, I went to the S & W site to take another gander at them and when I clicked on the spot that said M & P 45 Shield Featured, it took me to the M & P Shield M2.0 pistols but they were only shown in 9mm and 40?

I have a 9mm Shield and like it very much - that's a lot to say for coming from an "old revolver guy".

Is Smith still making the Shield in 45 Cal? I've noticed a number of them at several of the listings of my LGS that are used - which leads me to ask why? I looked at Buds and they have some listed .. . so why aren't they shown on Smith's site along with the 9s and 40s. Were there any issues with the 45 Shield that would tend to point a person in another direction?

I like my 9mm Shield and will be adding one of the Shield .380 EZ as I cast and reload and it's just going to be a "fun gun" for plinking. I wanted to add a 45 as well but now am a little confused as to why they aren't on Smith's site - unless old age had confused me to the point that I can't find the right spot on their site! LOL

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