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I have two of the S&W45 Shields, one since shortly after they were first released and the other bought late last year when the vendors were reducing their prices because of high inventory and the S&W rebate was offered. Both have been very satisfactory. There were some reported problems with the magazine followers in some that seem to have been satisfactorily addressed by replacement shell followers from S&W for the mags. I have had no issues with either of mine at all.
I am very pleased all around after well over a thousand rounds through each and I can personally see no reason why you should not like the gun as far as function and firing is concerned. The recoil for me is only very slightly more than my Shield9MM and it is entirely acceptable. Whether you like the gun for your own use will be up to you, but if you like the 9MM, I think you will also like the 45. I am an old revolver guy myself and my 45 has been my EDC since I bought the first one. I like the grip treatment on the 45 much better than the slicker grip surface on the 9. Can't tell you about not finding one on the S&W site except I feel like it is still there and definitely still available. You should be able to find them for sale on line for reasonable prices as well from several different vendors. Good luck with your search.
So long ... Ken
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