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Originally Posted by CptCurl View Post
I must say it seemed to have brought a strong price. Perhaps the market is climbing north. Comments?
For a refinished specimen, in less than pristine condition (is that rust on the top of the trigger?), the end price seems high.

As was said, I would be careful drawing any sweeping conclusions about “the market” from an auction like this. Not enough sell on a regular basis to make any general proclamations; it’s mostly who happens to see the auction and decides to get in the game.

We had an instructive situation with 2” Colt Commandos on GB we were watching on the Colt forum recently. One, with letter, sold after lively bidding around 2400, Just some weeks earlier, another, also lettered, from the same shipment and clearly in better condition, had sold for 1800 with only two bids. You just can’t tell beforehand.
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