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Don't get me wrong. It's a nice gun, but it's not original at all.

There are several things about it that bother me:

The dome on the pin that captures the rebound spring is flattened. I don't think S&W would flatten this pin in a factory refinish, though I may be wrong. Have a look:

In the same image you can also see that nothing was done to restore the color case hardening of the trigger. The hammer is likewise. I would think a factory refinish would have attended to this.

The pins at the front of the ejector rod shroud are askew. The bottom one looks good on the left but has a lot of protrusion on the right:

The top one protrudes on the left:

The front latch is not fully engaged for some reason. Wonder why?

There's a star on the butt:

And a diamond on the grip frame along with the re-work date:

And a diamond on the barrel:

The large S&W logo doesn't look like any I have seen on a TL. The original TL stamp doesn't say, "Reg. U.S. Pat. Off."

Anyway, these are just my observations. I'm not trying to run the gun down. However, it brought a very impressive price of $4,050.00 plus shipping and transfer fees. That's up there!

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