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Default Which model is your favorite?

I ask this in the Self Defense forum because my main reason for having them is concealed carry and self defense. I don't hunt any longer. If I did I might try the Model 19... But probably be better off with a long gun....

I posted this on too, so some of you might see it over there. But I know there are a lot of guys here that are not over there. And I figured I'd get more good input on Smith revolvers here.

I know the original question is pretty much nearly impossible to answer, but try. If someone had a gun to your head and said you have to tell me which is your favorite........ Which would you pick?

And if you feel led, post why and pics along with it. The whole reason for the thread is to just talk about them.

I only have 2, but would like more. I can think of a lot of ones I'd want.

I have kept it no secret that the for whatever reason the gun that works out for me to carry the best out of all the ones I've tried is a 442. It is not a perfect choice, but to me it's the right choice for pretty much everything. My lifestyle and body. BUT, I do feel like I'd be better off with a steel framed J frame for carry. Like a 649 or 36 or 60 or 640.... I'm not sure I'd call any of those my favorite, but I just may if I had one.....

I also have a Model 19 6" that is super nice to shoot at the range. And can serve as a HD gun if one is so led. BUT, it is a bit gangly for me for 1 handed shooting and balances kind of front heavy. I could see liking something else a bit better. Like a model 10 3" or 4". Tapered barrel. I don't know......

I've never even shot an N frame...... I'm not even sure I've ever fondled one. I've fondled 686's before though.

1 thing is for sure, I can't explain why. I know they're not the best tool in the drawer. They have their downsides. But I freakin love revolvers. Now if I can just make it to the range to shoot these soon. A buddy from Church and I are planning on going soon. He's got a newer Taurus snubby he's not fired yet.....

Thank you!
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