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ABPOS your last comment reminded me of an incident maybe 10 years
ago. I was giving a lady a gun handling/shooting lesson. She had a brand
new Taurus snubby. Never been fired. She was afraid and asked me if I
would shoot it first. Of course I did.

The first shot apparently punctured the primer because the hot gasses
and tiny particles of the ignition compound showered my face. It was
fortunate for me that I had glasses on. There were small chips in my
lenses, that could have been my eyes.

We continued shooting with no more problems. My theory is that perhaps
there was a small burr on the tip of the firing pin that came off with that
first shot, but I will never know.

The point is there is good reason to wear shooting glasses. In the days
of old the fulminate, used as the ignition compound, was made up partly
of tiny bits of ground glass. I don't know if it is still used, but we don't
want tiny bits of anything piercing our eyeballs do we?
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