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Originally Posted by RobzGuns View Post
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An earlier thread of the same topic has been moved to the Other Brands Sub-Forum. ... ... ...
Just one other? I lost count, but the last time I checked, there were less than ten topic threads, but definitely more than five topic threads, for the Sig P365 in this forum. Maybe some of the more obvious candidates were mercifully merged.

Well, anyway, I had occasion to take a gander at this cute little round-packed nine, and below is my repeated content indicating the key salient feature that struck me:

<repeated content> It looks like whatever space the grip width takes up is used to hold rounds, instead of to hold useless wasted empty space. Little to no wasted space in the grip width. Nice. Very. </end repeated content>

Of course, whoever applies this new revolutionary exciting concept (no useless wasted empty space in the grip width) to a tiny double stack .40 or 10mm will have my attention.
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