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Sig-Sauer has had problems with the P365, and is working through them now. I suspect they will get things right. This sort of "let the customer beta test our new gun" has happened to other manufacturers. S&W, which is my go-to company, has had some early teething problems with the Shield 380 EZ, regarding the self-moving safety.

The internet magnifies these problems, and everybody chatters about them, but that's good -- it makes the manufacturers move quickly to solve them, whether by "recall" or "voluntary return."

The P365 looks like a nice-sized package and the extra rounds are great. Reliability is King, though, in judging small self-defense guns. The P325 has to earn people's confidence, which it probably will in time. My carry gun, when that seems warranted, is a 642. Only five rounds, but more reliable than any small pocket semi. Is the P365 a threat to the Shield? Yes, in the long run, it could be - once Sig gets the problems solved and production ramped up. It would be wise for S&W to be working on a Shield 3.0, maybe using the space in the grip more efficiently and thus having an extra two rounds. But I wouldn't buy one unless I heard its reliability - based on long-term testing - is better than anything else in the small semi-auto segment.
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