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Originally Posted by rwsmith View Post
I was working on a theory about very heavy bullets in 9mm. It stands to reason that I didn't have a large choice of heavy bullets in 9mm. And loading data is as scarce as hen's teeth.

I found two. 165 gr. FMJ and 158 SWCHP

I flattened the nose of the 165 grain and drilled a hollow point into the end. Shot it into wet pulp One bullet expanded to a nice .6". Others not at all. Totally unreliable.

Next I tried the 158 grain SWCHPs. Again, total failure. The only one that expanded wasn't any larger than the diameter of the 9mm bullet.

Without good max loading date for that weight, I was getting about 850 fps which SHOULD have been enough to expand. (I was trying to emulate a .45 acp bullet)

It's fun to experiment, but for actual SD duty I'm going with something that is very thoroughly tested by more than a few parties.

The 158 grain jobs
The older style jhp need impact vel up around 1000fps. A heavy, soft lhp will likeky expand around that 900fps mark if the hp os large enough or designed correctly.
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