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Originally Posted by GKC View Post
I don't know if you are directing that comment to me or not, but if so, I'll point out that I asked for information...i.e., why he wanted to put in an Apex kit. That isn't sharing ignorance, but asking for information.
My reply isn't directed at you, or anyone specifically. I'm just tired of people who are critical of well engineered products. Especially when they are ignorant (without knowledge or experience). There are police departments that use Apex trigger kits in their duty weapons. If they're happy with their stock triggers, God Bless them! If they don't want anything to do with an after market trigger, Amen!

You can research and read threads on the Apex trigger kits by using the forum search. Here is a very recent thread discussing Apex kits.
APEX Trigger vs 2.0
Got Apex?

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