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Originally Posted by bsmiley View Post
I'm just tired of people who are critical of well engineered products. Especially when they are ignorant (without knowledge or experience).
I understand what you are saying...but there is a difference if someone who has never tried an Apex trigger said "They are junk, not worth a ****, and dangerous" and someone else who said "I like the 2.0 trigger, it works for me, and I don't see the need for me personally to change out the trigger mechanism."

I'm not saying you do this, but I've read a number of comments that basically said you are a moron if you don't want to change to an Apex trigger. Personally I like the 2.0 trigger...heck, I didn't even change the triggers on the SD/SDVE pistols I owned. But that's just me...I don't like to monkey with the fire control group. No criticism of those who do is implied.
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