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Originally Posted by grice View Post
Bought this about 60 days ago and I have to say it shoots like a dream. I wish the cylinder was a little longer but Iím not griping.
I acquired a 25-15 about a years ago and absolutely love the look and lines of the tapered barrel, beveled cylinder, and narrow, but longer stocks. The build quality is first-rate with a high-polish blue, wide target hammer and trigger. The stocks are much narrower at the top than the old Goncalo Alves, but with mild loads they feel just fine. I did mount a Hogue monogrip for awhile but didn't like the way it altered the classic look, so off they came. With tapered barrel the 25-15 feels much lighter than it is, with superb balance. For anyone so inclined the gun could easily handle 250 grain slugs loaded to 500 fpe, but why strain such a nice piece when there are many other choices.

So far I've fired Hornady 225 grain FTX that went 912 fps for 416 fpe using Doppler radar, and Sig V-crown 230 grain JHP that went 861 fps for 379 fpe.

Also fired an old hand loaded 255 grain HC that went 778 fps for 343 fpe.

Naturally these are all pretty mild in the large frame Smith, but I didn't buy it to hot-rod.
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