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Originally Posted by jimbo728 View Post
I wanted to experiment with lighter bullets because my standard 158 gr load shot high in my recently acquired Model 15-3.
I found a box of 148gr wadcutters that I bought 20 or so years ago. Loaded flush with 4.0 of WW 231 and tested them today.
5rds then six. One high then one low and the rest with a six o'clock hold @ 33 ft. I was pleased with the test. I guess I will try some 125gr .357 cast bullets at some point. Might actually have to go up a few clicks.
Chrony`d 3 rounds with the wadcutters and got:
916 fps
908 fps
936 fps
Had fun and might even see how they knock down bowling pins.
They slammed my plates pretty good @ 25yds.
Great Fun on a nice day here in NH.

You could do a lot worse just staying with the wadcutters for shooting out to 50 yards or so.
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