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I have had 2 of the 357 mag Marlin 1894c carbines. They develop a problem with the cartridge elevator. With heavy use the elevator gets a slot or notch worn into the bottom side. This causes the elevator to improperly engage the magazine disconnect, no longer allowing the feeding of 38 Special length rounds, but still allows 357 mag length rounds. Getting the proper replacement part is becoming difficult these days. JB Wood recommended a section of "de-toothed" hack saw blade be epoxied on the bottom of the elevator as a long term repair. (Had the problem, never tried the fix!)

After the second Marlin had that problem I switched to Rossi 92's for 357 lever guns. The Marlin rifles in 44 and 45 caliber don't develop this problem (and the parts don't interchange!). I've had 336's and 1895's in rifle cartridges and they too seem to be immune to this problem.

When I had my last 357 (micro grooved rifling), I developed a 180 grain JSHP bullet/H-4227 round that was absolutely devastating to assorted wildlife and other targets. The only hand gun I fired this round from was a 28-2 4", it was accurate enough to constantly defeat my older brother and his Python! Usually the targets were 25 and 50 yards! I thought about 200 grain .358 bullets for 35 Remington, but never tried it. Over 30 years later I still have that box of projectiles.

The only similar Marlin I still have is a 1894 CL in 32-20! Both the 357 and the 32-30 are fast handling, light recoiling and very accurate. I highly recommend them. When buying used, watch out for the worn elevator!

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