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Default 90 is about a minumum.....

I've see 90 gr. 9mm before but I don't mess with anything that light, or ever 115 gr for that matter. 124/125 grain is the standard load for me.

147 grains make great target bullets.

I did an experiment looking to see how heavy bullets behave so I tried 158 gr SWCHP but couldn't get decent expansion out of them. The largest wasn't any larger than the bullet dia.

As part of the same experiment I got some 165 grain JHPs that shot well out of my carbine, but I tried flattening the nose and drilling a hollow point. I got ONE to expand decently. They rest, almost none at all and they overpenetrated like crazy.

Part of the problem was only finding a very little loading data for these bullets. And I wasn't sure what the real maximum loads were, so I didn't take chances and only went by what I could find.
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