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Just as additional information on the 10 mm, I was issued a 1006 and we used them for 16 years before retiring them. The major user problem was reach to the trigger, which was about that of an N frame. Ours stood up beautifully over years to a steady diet of full power 10 mm, including 5 years of a custom load that pushed the pressure limits.

Now then, we retired them BECAUSE WE COULDN'T GET AMMO! Granted, we wanted more than one or two of you fanboys would, but we couldn't even get bids on a multi year contract for X00,000 rounds per year. Now, if we couldn't interest an ammo maker (pre-shortages) in a guaranteed contract, exactly why do think S&W would be willing to engineer, tool up and produce a 10 mm pistol on spec? The market won't support it, and S&W would lose a train load of money.

You'd do much better petitioning someone like Lew Horton who's created special runs of handguns. On the other hand, in most cases, those are slightly changed versions of current production pistols, so that might not work either.

Oh, the replacement M&P40s ran like clocks are supposed to.

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