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Originally Posted by wproct View Post
This surprises me, I would expect a buffer to be a user replaceable part.
Expect away. That is seldom true. Just like on automobiles, where a simple thing like changing the sparkplugs sometimes takes major surgery.

When I was younger, a friend of mine had a 1949 Oldmobile. Changing the plugs on the V8 required putting the car on a lift, removing the front wheels and detaching the interior splash guards to gain access to the plugs. It would seem that automotive (and apparently firearms) design engineers usually only worry about progressive initial assembly sequence, not maintenance or repair.

A case in point: I note the welcome differences between Ruger's detestable Mark III and the newer Mark IV disassembly procedures. The Mark III was a nightmare, and most people preferred to find a used Mark II rather than the Mark III, which was apparently designed by clueless lawyers. The rotten sales record of the Mark III finally convinced Ruger management to pay more attention to its customers than politically correct doo-dads on their guns.

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