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I can see a recoil spring breaking, during firing.
I can't conceive of any method of cleaning one that would break a piece off even once, much less twice.

With the pistol functioning in between breakages, and the breakages only being noted during pre-fire & post-fire cleaning, I'd again ask how Ronco is cleaning that pistol.

Complete disassembly of the recoil spring assembly (not needed or advised), with breakage occurring during reassembly somehow?
Reassembly possibly being done wrong?

The wording was breakage "upon cleaning", not noticing a piece of the spring fall out on disassembly, twice.

If Ronco could come back on & explain in more detail, it would be extremely helpful.
Otherwise, these captive spring assemblies are extremely easy to R&R, there's nothing I can imagine that could possibly break a 1/8" piece off the compressed & contained spring during cleaning.

You remove the assembly, you squirt it out if you feel the need with something like Gunscrubber, or wipe it down with a rag wet with your favorite cleaner/luber, and you reassemble when you're done with the rest of the gun.

You don't have to force anything anywhere, assembly goes right back in with a tiny bit of compression to seat, and there's no impact or unusual stress or forced manipulation anywhere.
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