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Default Looking for a first revolver

Hello, fellow Smith & Wesson fans,

I got into firearms in 2013, and I've had several semi-automatic pistols and a few rifles, and I'm looking for a new experience. I was looking for a revolver and stumbled on two that seemed unique on a local gun ad site that i was hoping to get your take on.

One was a S&W Model 19-5, 4in blued. It was made in the late 80s. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but I dont see any signs of finish wear or scratches. It has the original wood grips, and aside from looking old, I don't see any blemishes in the wood. He claims he got it from an estate, and the original owner didnt use it much. He's asking $500.

Another item I discovered is a seller who bought a new 4" Model 29-10, never fired it, and wants to get rid of it. He's offering $650 or best offer. Pictures look immaculate and he has all the new in box stuff. Now I wasnt looking for a 44mag, but it sounds like a great deal.

I was also looking at a new Model 60 Pro Series.

What I'm looking for .357 mag revolver with wood grips. I dont see my polymer guns being desirable in another decade, and I'd like a firearm that can potentially be somewhat collectible or an heirloom. The only hitch is that my budget is under $700, so I probably can't afford any performance center models.

I was hoping I could pick your brains to see what you think of these two used firearm deals and to see if you have any suggestions on revolver models that I could look into.
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