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Default .45acp Revolver: I know nothing...but want to learn

Have taken a new interest in .45acp. Picked up a few (4566tsw, M&p 2.0c, and Shield .45) and I'm thinking I'd like to add a .45 acp wheel gun to the bunch. Plus I have a few Smiths in .38, .44 and 357.

I'll be reading the Std. Catalog, cruising the interwebs, etc....but I thought I'd ask here what's important to look for (beyond what I'd look for in any revolver); what I need to know; and what the price range is for a shooter, not a collector's piece.

I think I'd prefer an older model (1917?) but I'm not wedded to that.

I know this is a pretty broad "ask," but I've gotten so much good info here. If it weren't for this board, I'd still have my Taurus 85 and nothing more. I really appreciate the help but my checkbook wishes I'd stop reading here.
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