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The 1917 versions can still be had for a bit under $500, in shooter grade, especially the Brazilians. Brazilians were 1917 models sold to Brazil and latter sold back to US civilian marked and feature a Brazilian crest on the side. Most are finish challenged. Better finish 1917 guns can run up over a grand.
Plenty of parts are available except for stock 1917 barrels. Early models did not have the hammer block. Most of them are in surprisingly good shape for their age.

The non custom adjustable sight versions start with the 1950 model which is uncommon, the original 1955, which brings a premium in 5 screw configuration, which became the 25-2 and latter even numbered dashes. 4,6,8. The odd dashes were 45 colts.(unusually) The odd even dash system is not true with the 625 stainless versions. You can find the adjustable sight versions for around $800 up.

Yes occasionally somebody makes a great deal one at a better price. But, if you wait long enough a great price will be higher than it is now. The lower prices will be in private or gun show sales, rarely on sites like Gunbroker. I bought 2 Brazilians off the for sales here this year for under $500, but a bit over if you include shipping and FFL etc.

I am a big fan of the S&W 45s. Big bullets going at a decent speed, Moderate recoil.

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