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I've been lucky to accumulate several...... 2 1/2 and 4 inch 19s and 66s as well as a couple of 3 inch 66s.

I've been using/carrying one of the 3" 66s for almost 30 years.......IMHO the Blue 19s are way cooler for looks ...... but 66s are a lot more practical for concealed carry in wet or humid climates...............

FWIW I'm 5'9" and I've concealed carried a square butt 4" 66 in a Sparks Summer special..... without any difficulty..... the round butt 3 inch is just a bit easier........and way cooler!!!!

I admit to having a couple of "safe queens"......a 2 1/2 and 4 inch 19-4s P&Red..... and a couple of P&Red 66-nuttins with stainless sights........

I would use them if I needed them; but for now they are back ups to my 3 and 4 inch 66-4 and 66-1 and a 4 inch 19-1. Love the classic Pinned and recessed guns!!!!!

By the way IMHO the prefect grips for a 19 or 66 are a set of Spegel Boot grips on a "Snubby" with a barrel less than 4 inches....... and his Extended Boot Grips on 4 or 6 inch guns.

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