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The Apex Tactical Action Enhancement Trigger will work with the Sigma Series.

The Apex Tactical Sigma Spring Kit is available for the Sigma's.

The Apex Tactical Base Pad extensions will work for the magazines as well.

XS Sight Systems make front and rear sight upgrades for the Sigma's.

The ProMag Hi Cap magazines made for the SDVE will work with the Sigma's. Also, any SDVE magazine (within the same caliber) will work with Sigma's.

The only one of the requests you have made that I CANNOT find is the backplate. But you can customize that yourself with your current one. Take it to a smith and have them etch or put a logo on it if you wish.

I hope this helps with what you were asking. Instead of telling you buy a new pistol.

The best thing is that you can do these upgrades in phases instead of spending a lump sum.

Originally Posted by 3hounds View Post
Ya you might spend that much but, NOT ALL AT ONCE. That's what hurts sometimes, it's like building an AR buy the parts over a few months.
Spot on.

When I purchased my SD40VE, I was upgrading from a Hi-Point pistol that was having massive issues with FTF (Failure To Fire).

The SDVE's just came out, so I went that route because money was tight.

Then I wanted to customize it when money was around.

Cerakoted the slide black (twice): $75.00 per time.

Apex Trigger w/ Install: $75.00

M&P front and rear sights: Free, someone gave them to me.

Sure I could have bought an M&P after spending this amount of money, but some of us (at the time) don't have that much at once.

Plus, its fun to mod things.

- Preston
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