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Originally Posted by Redcoat3340 View Post
Have taken a new interest in .45acp.

I'll be reading the Std. Catalog, cruising the interwebs, etc....but I thought I'd ask here what's important to look for (beyond what I'd look for in any revolver); what I need to know; and what the price range is for a shooter, not a collector's piece.

I think I'd prefer an older model (1917?) but I'm not wedded to that.

First off it's a good interest to have.
If you really want to enjoy shooting the .45 a.c.p. and yet have a revolver that can serve any need from plink to house to CCW.

Then look no further than the Governor.
Perhaps the most useful handgun ever created. (I still regret I ever sold mine)

You talk about a fun gun to shoot and with polymer moon clips a breeze to load.
Then if you want to get hot you pop of some .45 LC and if you really want to get hot some .410 bore.

It can handle besides the .410 bore 4 different .45 loads, including .45 G.A.P.

It has the best stock trigger of a non performance center gun I ever shoot of a S&W revolver and I have own a few. We are talking smooth, you don't let any gun smith near it. 31 oz and some change fully loaded and carries nice.

Oh yeah brother, that's what I'm talking about ..
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