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I guess what I wrote did't quite say what I wanted to impart.
I put a set of X frame grips on my M69. I found them nice , and they fit the frame fine. Then I switched and put a set of Diamond Pro's on. They seemed to fit the size of the gun better than the X frame grips did. The X frame grips seemed large on an otherwise smaller frame. When ordering the Diamond Pro's they make two different grips , one that fits N frames and one that fit K & L frame guns. So my actual message should read that the grips that came on the 69 are specific to K & L frames and will not fit a N frame {as you found out} Sorry for the poor and easily misunderstood post. I have since replaced the grips on my 3 " 629 with Diamond Pro's and like them better than the X frame grips on even the N frame. They didn't cost that much for the experiment, especially compared to holsters.
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