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Default Is a "Letter of Authenticity" really a Letter of Authenticity ?

Is a Letter of Authenticity is really a "Letter of Authenticity" as the title implies ?

To me, this implies the gun described in the letter has been verified as "authentic" when it has NOT been examined nor verified.

What the letter actually describes is: a certain model S&W, bearing as certain serial number, was shipped in a certain configuration (caliber, barrel length, finish, stock, etc.) to a certain person on a certain date. That's it !

A letter from Roy Jinks is surely the "gold standard" among collectors. However, contrary to what the name of the document defines, it is NOT a "Letter of Authenticity" as no such authentication process has taken place to prove the gun (for which the data has been requested) is, in fact, authentic ... or ... that it is even that same, specific, gun.

After reviewing advertised S&W firearms touting "Letter of Authenticity" as if the described gun (in the letter) had been examined and proven "authentic", to an industry / museum / expert, examination.

I suggest the title of the "Letter of Authenticity" be revised to something more logical and reasonable, e.g. Letter of S&W Historical Records or some such.

Let's put this up for a vote to chose a more logical name for this document that we all covet so dearly.

It seems that some sellers, seemingly selling "blue skies" use this "Letter of Authenticity" to imply the gun described in the letter is "authentic" when no such examination to verify such has been performed.

What do you think ? Suggestions ?
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