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Default 5 Shot Snubby of CCW?

First off, I'm not trying to offend anyone or ruffle any feathers. Everyone is free to carry whatever they wish or feel comfortable with. I worked with several cops over the years that only carried a J frame or .380 and no re-load for it.

I own 3 J frames and several other wheel guns. In fact, my house carry is a 5 shot S&W 340 in .38 spl (see below). It's light enough to wear tucked into the waistband of draw sting elastic waist shorts. I also have quick access to larger/higher capacity guns near by.

But with that said, when I go out into the world, I almost feel naked if I don't have at least 8 rounds in the gun (preferably 10 or more) & a re-load.

For those that just carry a 5 shot, why do you feel that's enough gun in today's crazy world? In most of the real life videos I've seen, 5 rounds just doesn't seem enough. Nor is there time for a reload. Sorry if I'm stepping on any toes, just trying to understand.

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