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In a legal forum ... authenticity of a physical object must be accompanied by expert testimony and report of examination defining standards to which examination and tests have been performed and documented authority as expert on a particular item.

Roy, is without a doubt, "the" expert on S&Ws, Roy's qualifications are undisputed, however, in absence of physically examining that S&W object (of which he is expert) ... cannot affirm the item is factually "authentic" unless physically examined by him.

This is not just a protest of the name of just the document, albeit the title of the letter is erroneous.

May just be a play on words to some, may not matter to others, but in a court of law that "Letter of Authenticity" would not stand up after it is determined the item being authenticated was not physically examined (and to what specific standards) to verify authenticity.

Roy's letter verifies that the factory records indicate, a gun of a certain description, type and configuration, bearing a specific serial number, was shipped from the factory on a certain date, to a certain person and place ... but NOT ... that the gun has been examined and proved to be "authentic".

Think of a demilled USAF that had been destroyed and legit USAF numbers placed on another Airweight pre-model 12. The person who requests a letter on that gun, with the genuine USAF numbers, will get a Letter of Authenticity solely because the serial number is listed in the records.

Think of all the collectors that purchased Tom Haas Colt SAAs that came with Colt Letter of Authenticity ?
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