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My everyday carry gun now is a Ruger LCR.38 (5 shot). For house guns perhaps another thread!

First off I'm not a cop and made my mind up decades ago of what I will do & when I will do it. This covers most situations but I know things can change very suddenly. My gun is to cover me and my family unless something extraordinary happens and I'm in attendance.

I watch where I go and at 72 I'm extremely street wise so its a good chance gun will stay holstered I think and hope that the five in the cylinder will be sufficient if worst comes to worst. I do most times carry a speed strip with 5 more in it.

With that said that is my standard MO, in different circumstances like going into the city or known bad places or a big incident like a prison break happened nearby instead of the Ruger I will be carrying a.45 with spare mags. A couple years ago north of us 2 murderers broke out of prison. (it was all over the national news for weeks)
14 S&W Revs none with locks!
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