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Originally Posted by Dump1567 View Post
The one that comes to mind is the mother & daughter liquor store shooting (and other convenient store shootings). A home invasion video. I've also read/seen video's about multiple armed thug scenarios.
That's one isolated incident and when addressing armed robberies of small businesses where you are the owner/worker, I would essentially view and treat them the same as a home defense scenario. At home, I have several 9mm glocks available since I won't really have the option of avoiding/escaping in the event of a targeted home invasion as I do when carrying concealed out and about in public. Even then, the snub revolver would most likely be adequate and is on me most of the time.

You'll probably be able to find find isolated civilian defense incidents where 8 or 18 rounds wasn't enough, but they are few and far between. Odds and stats should figure into the equation and a 5 shot revolver will carry enough ammo for 99+% of the situations a civilian will encounter. We're not talking police work where proactive/intentional engagement and pursuit is the directive. Civilian armed encounters are all about avoidance and reactive self-defense.

You could say it's better to carry a higher capacity auto to be better prepared for those outliers, but again, the auto comes with it's own disadvantages, such as a far lesser degree of reliability in close-quarter/contact scenarios. In regards to armed multiple armed attackers, show me numerous or even a handful of shootouts between them and armed civilians. By contrast, I come across numerous physical assaults by unarmed multiple assailants and in such a scenario, I'll take the enclosed hammer revolver every time in that situation. Any choice is a compromise and comes with its own set of trade-offs and for me, considering the most likely situations I will face as an armed citizen, the snub revolver makes the most sense and I think the evidence backs it up.
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