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Nobody needs to take my opinions as gospel, and for sure, they are merely opinions.

With that said...

As plated bullets, Xtreme makes darn good plated bullets. Which is really a lot like saying that McDonald's make a darn good fast food hamburger. The sales show it and opinions pile up, but at the end of the day we are still talking about a fast food hamburger. It isn't a steak and it sure isn't cuisine. It's potential is limited.

Plated bullets are great CHEAP slugs. I have burned through literally many tens of thousands and I have another 40k of them on hand, not yet loaded. Berry's and Xtreme are neck & neck, IMO. If you want prettier and shinier, Xtreme has the lead. If you want a better company to deal with, Berry's buries Xtreme. (Ha, had to)

And when the dust settles, it's still a plated bullet. Cheap, shoots clean, and it's potential is limited. If you want to mow down steel plates, do training schools, hit the "A" zone in IDPA and work on all your fundamentals, these plated slugs are fantastic.

If you showed up to a Bullseye competition with them, you'd be out of your mind and/or absolutely clueless and desperately needing help.

That's the bullets. Freedom Munitions is the textbook definition of junk ammo that is far too often suspect, shoddy and downright dangerous ammo that won't ever find it's way in to my guns.

Xtreme has definitely figured out plated bullets and quite well, I'd say. Business and customer service definitely seems like something they haven't figured out. And re-manufactured ammo/"factory reloads" ? Freedom Munitions is unsafe junk with a well-documented history of face in the dirt failure.

If Freedom Munitions goes away, our world gets a little bit brighter.
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