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I sold my M&P bodyguard 380 because of the light strikes. I would get one maybe every 75-100 rounds with quality HP loads and more frequently using FMJ range ammo. I tried different brands. No dice.

But because my 380 was mostly used as my traveling companion while going for long 5-6 mile walks down the trail in a urban area I wanted a lightweight pocket pistol and my 642 was still a bit cumbersome in the hot Texas heat. Soooooooo I picked up a Kel Tec P32.

Some people might say that the 32acp is not up to self defense standards. I say I wouldn't want to get shot by it. It holds 7+1 vs the P3-AT 6+1 capacity in basically the same size/weight. So far I've ran 200 rounds thru this featherweight and it has been 100% flawless.

P.S. my EDC is a 642
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