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Originally Posted by LoboGunLeather View Post
About 15 years ago I had a .380 Sig P232 follow me home one day. I really liked it, carried it for over a year, and thought I had found the solution for all of my daily carry needs.

Excellent pistol in many ways. Very lightweight (about 16 oz. empty). Very good ergonomics. Easy to shoot well.

Range training sessions left me less and less enamored with the .380. The blowback-operated pistols produce unexpectedly sharp recoil, more than many might expect. I also found that I had to be very careful how I gripped the Sig, because a high grip places the fleshy part of the hand between the thumb and trigger finger in close proximity to (or in contact with) the lower edges of the slide as it cycles, and it wasn't unusual to have strips of skin ripped away during rapid-fire combat drills. Started carrying antiseptic wipes and band-aids in my range bag.

I had similar experiences years ago with the Walther PPK, and more recently with the Makarov. I decided that these compact pistols just weren't going to meet my needs, and I returned to the full-size 1911-style pistols and K-frame or larger revolvers for my daily use.

Perhaps some folks will benefit from these thoughts.
I've had similar experiences with the Sig P230/P232.

I really wanted to like that gun. Easy to shoot, lightweight and accurate. Plus, it just looked cool.

I just couldn't get over the railroad track like cuts it left on the meat of my hand every time I shot it.

I owned a P230 and then a P232. Wanted to like them...ended up selling them both.

I went back to the honest pain that comes with shooting lightweight J-frames.
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