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Originally Posted by Old cop View Post
I’ve carried a J frame for almost 50 years but when the little .380s came out I was intrigued. Started w/Ruger, then S&W, Glock and Ruger LCP again. Recently I posted that the mag had popped out of my LCP a couple of times but I changed pocket holsters and tried again. Mag popped out the other day and that was it. Every .380 has had some sort of reliability issue and that’s a no go for anything carried for self defense. It’s a shame b/c I shoot the little LCP very well and actually like practicing w/it. Same w/the Smith M&P Bodyguard but light strikes, after two years of solid performance, did that one in.

I pulled the no lock 340PD out of the safe and went to the range to reacquaint myself w/it. Still shoots great w/standard pressure as well as +P, so my LCP has a permanent place in the gun safe (until I decide what to do w/it) and the 340 is back in my pocket. It could be the little auto loader is not for me but either way I’m done for good.

Thanks for indulging me, rant over.
I read a post by someone else on one the gun boards I frequent, where they were having this same problem.

The solution a couple of people recommended that had worked for them was to Dremel the mag release button down to where it was almost flush with the frame.

Haven't had to do that myself, but more than one person posted that it had worked for them if you'd like to give it at try. If it doesn't work for you, and you want to return it to original configuration, a replacement part shouldn't be too hard to find.

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