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I had the opposite trajectory. My first CCWs were .380s, then a 9mm, then I've cycled thru a few others until getting really, really sick of auto malfunctions. As soon as a gun malfunctions, I'm thinking, "ok, how much time and ammo will I have to invest before I trust it again? Will I ever trust it again?"

Finally, I broke out the Colt Police Positive Special I've had for 30 years but hadn't shot for 15 and couldn't believe how much I enjoyed shooting it, and also that I shoot it as well as almost any auto I have. During the next trip to my LGS, luck dropped a used-but-unfired 637 Performance Center in my lap, and it's been my primary CCW ever since. I still am in absolute lust with it. What a fantastic pistol - *beautiful trigger*.

These days I typically carry two revolvers, one AIWB and one in my pocket. The AIWB gun has changed a few times but is right now firmly stuck on my 3" M629, but 80% of the time my pocket gun has been that 637. I've flirted with a LCR327 I bought my wife (that I do love), and I just got a 2" M30 that will see some carry time for sure, but I have a feeling the 637 will continue to be my main gun for quite a long time.

And now I don't have to worry about malfunctions caused by the gun.
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